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FAQ s about Northpoint

Frequently Asked Questions about Northpoint Elementary School

When does school start and end?

A student day is from 7:45am until 2:30pm.  Students may arrive at school at 7:25am, but not before as there is no supervision.  At 7:40am, the opening bell will ring and students will go to their classrooms to begin the day.  Please make sure students are at school by 7:40am at the latest.

Where do I drop off and pick my child up?

Our lot has a no-left-turn policy upon entering. Please be aware of this.  Please prepare students to be ready to exit the car in the morning when dropped off in order to keep the line moving.  When picking up your child, please park in a parking spot if you plan on leaving your car.  Unattended vehicles are not permitted in the parent drop off/pick up lane.

When is the best way to contact a my child's teacher?

To limit classroom interruptions, it is best to contact your student(s) teacher via email. Email addresses can be found on the staff directory page on the Northpoint website. If you need to relay a change in pickup plans for your student, please call the Northpoint office at 309-557-4420 and notify the office staff, as the teacher may not have the opportunity to check their email during the school day.

Who do I call to report that my child will be absent?

Northpoint Elementary has an attendance hotline (309-557-4469).  Any time students cannot attend school, their parents or guardians must call the school attendance hotline before 8:00am to report the reason for the absence. The hotline is available for use 24 hours a day.  Sick children should not be at school. Do not send children to school if they have a fever, recently vomited, have diarrhea, a rash, signs of respiratory infection, infectious disease, head lice, or any illness that may be transferred to other students.  Students must be free of any illness for 24 hours without medication prior to returning to school.

Are there any student fees?

There is a registration fee of $110 and a technology fee of $55.  This fee may be waived or reduced for students who qualify for the free/reduced lunch program. Assignment notebooks for grades 3-5 can be purchased for $6 in the office. Yearbooks can be ordered online in the spring.  More information will be shared as it is available. 

Whom do I see about medical information pertaining to my child?

The school nurse should be given necessary medical information at registration or on a need-to-know basis.  Please contact our school nurse, Mrs. Brandt at 309-557-4686, for further information.  She may also be reached via email at

When is the physical exam and vaccination information due?

All students entering Kindergarten are required to provide a physical exam and vaccination information BEFORE the first day of school. Students entering first through fifth grade are encouraged to contact our nurse, Mrs. Brandt to discuss required medical information. 

What should I do if my child needs to take medication at school?

You may access the medication authorization form HERE.  Over-the-counter medicines (cough drops, aspirin, etc.) must also be taken in the nurse's office and have the completed form signed by a doctor.  Other medical forms are available HERE.

Under what weather conditions do the students have indoor recess?

Generally, students will be outside for recess unless it is raining or the temperature (including wind chill) is 20° F or lower.

How much does a school lunch cost?

The cost for a student lunch is $2.65 and breakfast costs $1.75.  White or chocolate milk can be purchased for $.55 for those eating cold lunch.  Milk is NOT free or reduced when students bring a cold lunch. Lunch menus are available HERE.  

What should I do when my child needs lunch money?

You may make food service payments online via your Infinite Campus parent portal. Information about food service accounts may be found HERE.  You may also send money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and teacher on it and have them deliver it to the office.   

What time do students eat lunch and recess?

Grades K,2 -   Lunch: 11:00am   Recess: 11:25am 

Grades 1, 4 -  Lunch: 11:35am  Recess:  11:55am

Grades 3, 5 -  Lunch:  12:05pm  Recess:  12:30pm

What times do the bells ring and for what reason? 

Our bell schedule is as follows:
7:25am - Students may enter the building/Morning supervision begins
7:40am - Students released to classrooms
7:45am - School begins
2:30pm - Dismissal

What should I do if I have to pick up my child early or during school hours?

Please notify your student(s) teacher of any late arrival or early dismissal. Please also leave a message on the attendance line at 309-557-4469.   Students who leave during the school day are to be picked up from the office and checked out by office staff.  Please ring the bell to speak to the office to let them know you have arrived to pick up your student.   

When are students dismissed?

Students are dismissed at 2:30pm.

Do you provide before and after-school care at Northpoint?

The YMCA will be providing our before and after care for the 2023-2024 school year.  Please click HERE for more information. Registration will be available online only. 

Can my child ride the bus home with a friend?

Parents should call transportation at 309-557-4287 for approval. Once transportation has approved your child to ride a bus, parents should write a note or send an email giving their child permission. This note must be turned into your child's teacher.  This is only to be done on occasion and not something that will be allowed on a day-to-day basis.

How do I get involved in the Northpoint PTO?

Northpoint PTO meets the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm with some exceptions due to holidays, etc.  The meetings usually last for one hour and are also streamed online for those interested in joining virtually.  Please see our PTO page for more information.